Overview of Rummy Games-Indian Rummy Online by Octro

With over 10 millions downloads, Indian Rummy Online Card Game by Octro truly gains lots of admiration and attention around a large number of rummy games in the form of mobile App. It is said that Octro Indian Rummy is one of the most popular online rummy games (Rammi or रम्मी) which provides you with the best Rummy experience. Indian Rummy is also known as 13 Patti or 13 Card Game.

Octro Indian Rummy is an app game that can be played with friends and family, and it’s for free without any real cash.

About Octro Indian Rummy

Octro Indian Rummy game has a simple, smooth gameplay with fun features to give online rummy players a great Rummy (or Rammy) experience. Octro Indian Rummy is the most trusted Junglee Rummy Game in India. Indian Rummy or Indian Rammi, also spelled as Rammy Game or Rami, is simple to play & can be understood by any new player. Play in various fun modes and be an experienced and the best rummy player.

Features of Octro Indian Rummy (13 Patti)

  • Great graphics and UI
  • Smooth gameplay even at slow connections
  • Real rummy players to play with
  • Fun Rummy game modes
  • Great offers & rewards
  • Regular updates
  • Many 13 Card Rummy (or Rammi/Rami) variants

Here are the common game mode in Octro Rummy game:

  • 13 Card Rummy
  • 13 Card Rapid Indian Rummy (fast mode)
  • 13 Card Tournaments
  • 13 Card Deal
  • 13 Card Pool
  • 13 Card Private Indian Rummy
  • 21 Card Rummy

Octro IndianRummy Rules

Rules to play Online Rummy games are simple. A beginner can also be a pro at being a Junglee Rummy player. You can actually play one to practise for free, and play another one with real money.

13 Card Indian Rummy (रम्मी) Rules

13 Card Indian rummy variant is played between 2 to 5 players. Each player is dealt 13 rummy cards. For 2, 3 or 4 players two 52-card decks (104 cards) & 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 5 players three decks (156 cards) & 6 jokers are used.

The aim in the rummy game is to form sequences (runs) & sets. After a player has formed the required sequence and sets using all 13 cards, the player declares his turn.

13 Card Rummy Rules

  • Minimum 2 runs (sequences) are required
  • One of the runs (sequences) must be pure (called 1st Life)
  • The second run can be pure or non-pure (called 2nd Life)
  • Either 1st Life or 2nd Life must have 4 or more cards

A valid 13 card declaration must have a minimum of 2 runs and out of these runs, 1 must be pure and 1 run (pure or impure) must have 4 or more cards. On a valid declaration the scores of the rest of the players are counted.

21 Card Indian Rummy (रम्मी) Rules

This Indian rummy variant is played between 2 to 5 players with 3 standard decks of 53 cards each, which includes 1 Printed Joker per deck. This Rummy game mode is also known as marriage. The 21 Cards Indian Rummy game rules are a little different from 13 Cards Indian Rummy rules.

A player needs to complete any of the following goals and then discard one of the hand cards to the Finish Slot to declare and win the rummy round.

21 Card Rummy Table Rules

  • 3 Pure Sequences and the remaining cards arranged in sets or sequences
  • 3 Tunnels in separate groups. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sequences.
  • 8 Dublees in separate groups. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sequences.
  • 8 Jokers in a single group. The rest of the cards need not be arranged in sequences.

How to save points, if a Rummy player declares:

  • Make at least 3 Pure Sequences and arrange the rest in sequences. A player will lose points only for the cards that are not arranged.
  • Make at least 6 Dublees. A player will lose points only for the rest of the cards.
  • If a player has 6 Dublees and 3 Pure Sequences, the players will lose points based on the option

Last but not least, Octro Indian Rummy game is available in English, Hindi (भारतीय रम्मी), Marathi (भारतीय रम्मी), Gujarati (ભારતીય રમી)