Rummy Variations-Over 30 Popular Rummy Games to Play Online

Depending on the area and population, there are a lot of variations of Rummy.
Most of the variants of Rummy game are based on making sequences, while some of them are slightly different on counting points.

We can even say that Rummy game is a huge origin of many games, and some of the extensions are not even card games!

In North America, “Rummy” is always referred to a specific game called “Gin Rummy,” while people are actually talking about Indian Rummy which is known as “Paplu.” Indian Rummy aka Paplu is also known as marriage Rummy, usually because it’s played in wedding ceremonies.

Since there are a lot of variations of Rummy games, normally we can divide them into several families.

Melding & Contract Rummy

13 cards &21 cards & Contract Rummy

The first style of categorising the Rummy variations is deviding them into 2 types: Melding Family & Contract Family.


Melding Family of Rummy Games

This is the most basic and closest family of Rummy games. The main goal of “melding family” will always be making your cards into sequences and sets. Some of them even set the minimum points requirement on the very first sequence or set, while some of them must include a discard for the final meld. Also, the difference of cards’ points are the distinction. These are all in the Melding family of Rummy games:

  • German Rummy
  • Indian Marriage
  • Indonesian rummy (remi)
  • Machiavelli
  • Marriage
  • Red three rummy
  • 500 Rum
  • 5000 Rum
  • Bing rummy
  • Continental
  • Cuajo
  • Desmoche
  • Panguingue
  • Penang rummy
  • Scala 40
  • Seven bridge
  • Shanghai rum
  • Speed Rummy
  • Ten pennies
  • Three thirteen
  • Tong-its
  • Treppenrommé

In this variant of Rummy, players are assigned specific goals to achieve. The objectives can be known or unknown to other players. What’s more, players can even decide the goal on their own, announcing them before the Rummy starts. Eventually, players will be either prized or punished with extra points depending on whether their mission is completed or not.

These are all in the contract family of Rummy:

  • Contract rummy
  • Kalooki
  • Dummy rummy
  • Carioca
  • Phase 10
  • Liverpool rummy
  • Zioncheck

In the canasta family of Rummy, two or more decks of cards are often used, and there will be many wild cards which can replace the card you want. Rules and limitations are more on the first meld.

These are all examples of the canasta family of Rummy.

  • Buraco
  • Biriba
  • Canasta
  • Hand & Foot
  • Samba
  • Mille

In Knock Rummy, players have to reveal all the cards in hand at the end of the game. The reason why it’s called knock Rummy is that players may make a sign like knock or discard his final useless card to inform other players.

These are all in the category of Knock Rummy Games:

  • Gin rummy
  • Indian Rummy
  • Rumino
  • Tonk (aka Tunk)
  • Viennese Rummy

Mahjong from East Asia, or Rummikub which is popular in the Middle East, or the four color cards are all variations of Rummy as well.


Rummy has been India’s favorite card game through generations. Since Rummy is offered to play on all mobile phones, it has become a lot more accessible and preferred. As it is currently an international game, there are several variations of Rummy. Despite the fact that the basic policies still exist, there are currently lots of ways that you can play and also take pleasure in Rummy with your buddies.

The three major types of Rummy are 13 Card Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy & Contract Rummy. Each of these types have numerous categories listed below it.

13 Card Rummy Games

As one of the most popular games, 13-card Rummy game is the most popular in India. Here are the types of Rummy games that are readily available to be played online.

  • 13 Card Rummy
  • Indian Rummy
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • 21 Card
  • Gin Rummy
  • Contract Rummy
  • Canasta
  • Rummikubh
  • Okhlahoma Rummy
  • Kalooki Rummy
  • 500 Rummy
  • Shanghai Rummy
  • Dummy Rummy

Each Rummy type comes with a slight difference in rules or outcomes. You will need to understand the different types of rummy games available online before entering a cash table, so that you won’t waste money.

13 Card Rummy

This kind of rummy is the general team of different versions of the game. Played primarily in India, each gamer is dealt 13 cards, and also the guidelines recommend that at the very least one pure series and one unclean series will certainly need to be grouped to proclaim. Various types of Rummy versions fall under 13 Card Rummy

Indian Rummy

There are a number of rummy kinds under this. Indian Rummy is a 13 card Rummy game that adheres to the guidelines of making sets and series prior to your challenger.

Under 13 Card Rummy, right here are the major variations of Rummy:

Points Rummy

This Rummy kind is a variation of 13 cards Indian Rummy where players bet points after pre-deciding the rupee variation. A player wins a Things Rummy game by obtaining a score and declaring of 0. The loser will have to calculate the rest of points that are in non-sets and that score will certainly be added. The winner will certainly win all the money based on the challengers amount to points.

Deals Rummy

This Rummy kind is one more variation of the 13 card Rummy game & Indian Rummy where a fixed number of cards are dealt to each player. At the end of a deals rummy game, the player with the greater chips count wins the game.

Pool Rummy

One more variation of Rummy is Swimming pool Rummy. In Swimming pool Rummy, similar to Details Rummy, the game is played till the last player gathers over 101 or 201 points. The winning gamer of each round in Swimming pool Rummy obtains 0 points.

21 Card Rummy Games

21 Card Rummy follows the very same rummy rules as every other rummy ready the major part. The primary difference is that in 21 Card Rummy, gamers are dealt 21 cards as well as are anticipated to make at the very least 3 pure sequences. This makes 21 card Rummy harder to play. Other differences consist of the penalty system. In 21 Card Rummy, if you drop out of the game before playing a hand, after that you will receive a 30-point charge.

Any drop after playing will certainly obtain you a 75-point fine. What is one-of-a-kind regarding 21 Card Rummy is the use of jokers. In the 21-Card Rummy variant, there are top and also lower jokers appointed. If the cut-joker is a 4 ♦, after that the top joker is the 5 ♦ and the lower joker is the 3 ♦. The upper as well as reduced jokers should be of the exact same collection as the cut-joker.

The Upper and Lower jokers can also be utilized to replace any type of card to create impure series.

Gin Rummy

Another version of the Rummy game is Gin Rummy. This is a 2-4 gamer game and is slightly different to 13 Card Rummy & 21 Card Rummy. Here, players are dealt 10 cards each as opposed to 13 to make collections and sequences. One trick difference is that the ‘A Card’ can likewise be considered as the initial card, adhered to by 2 and also 3. In Gin Rummy, a gamer can win without having a full legitimate set of cards. If your point value is less than 10, a player can ‘knock’ for the win.

The points are calculated with the distinction in between the victor’s deadwood points (factors collected when cards are not in a set or series) and the opponent’s nonessential. 13 Card Rummy & 21 Card Rummy are played more than Gin Rummy.

Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy is a type of Rummy version that is based on Gin Rummy. The game obtains more difficult as it progresses.In Contract Rummy, the first four rounds allowed the gamer be dealt with 10 cards, as well as 12 cards in the last 3 rounds.


Canasta is a Rummy variant that originated in Spain and is quite popular. It has the same set of rules as a regular Rummy variant, but the Joker and 2s are considered as wild cards here.


This version of Rummy games is a mixture of Rummy card games and Mahjong, which is very popular in Asia & Europe. Rummikubh is played with 104 tiles (similar to 2 decks of cards) with numbers marked 1-13. Players are dealt 14 tiles and will have to make sets and lay down their tiles. It can be played both online or offline.

Kalooki Rummy

This type of Rummy variant comes from Jamaica. Each player is dealt 9 cards and the player with the lowest score is declared the winner.

Shanghai Rummy

In Shanghai Rummy game, every player is dealt 11 cards. Generally, it’s played between 3-5 players, and Shanghai Rummy is very similar to Contract Rummy. In this variant, 2 Spades and 2 Clubs are also used as Jokers.

500 Rummy

500 Rummy can be played between 2-8 players and is very popular in America. Also known as Pinochle or Persian Rummy, the rules are very similar to the classic game. However, players are awarded points to win and the one that reaches 500 first is declared the winner.

Oklahoma Rummy

Oklahoma Rummy is very similar to Gin Rummy, but players are dealt only 7 cards instead of 10. Players in this variant can use Jokers to make impure sets and sequences.


Do the amount of variations from Rummy games make an impact on your mind? The simple rules and basic concept are the reason that makes Rummy games so widely spread, for people can always find their favorite rules and variants to play.